What type of plans does myViewBoard Offer?

To start using myViewBoard and get the most out of the Visual Learning platform, users must have a myViewBoardaccount. myViewBoard offers different types of user accounts: Standard, Premium (recommended for individual users), and Entity (for users that

myViewBoard plans


STANDARD plan is a FREE myViewBoard account and the easiest way to try out and discover the power of myViewBoard Suite. It's the starter kit for a more interactive presentation experience with myViewBoard Whiteboard, Companion, Display, Record, Live, and Originals. After creating a myViewBoard account, the individual users get this tier by default to get more acquainted and familiar with the myViewBoard Suite. However, for individuals who want to level up their audience participation and their content-creation tools, it’s recommended to upgrade to Premium.


PREMIUM plan is a PAID myViewBoard account designed to provide the individuals with an enhanced access to the myViewBoard ecosystem through myViewBoard Classroom & the advanced features of Whiteboard like Polls and Quizzes, Throw tool, AI pen, math tools, immersive reader, and wireless presentation. Premium subscription is charged in accordance with the selected Premium type: with or without myViewBoard Classroom. Full-featured Premium (incl. Classroom) is available for an annual subscription charge of US$119. 

Only the Premium plan without Classroom supports both monthly (US$6,99) and annual (US$59) subscriptions. Before making a subscription decision, users can always enjoy the benefits of a full-featured Premium plan for a 90-day free trial period without declaring the credit card information. At the end of 90 days, the account will automatically be downgraded to Standard unless the user opt in to subscribe for Premium. For representers of an educational organization, we recommend the entity plan to efficiently set up and manage the learning space at scale.


ENTITY plan is a COMPLIMENTARY myViewBoard account for the organization and educational institutions looking for powerful engagement apps, device management, and exclusive access to additional solutions like myViewBoard Manager, Clips, and Sens. 

Entity is the best-suited plan for schools since it contains tools to help them build, maintain, and manage large rollouts. More value to the Entity can be added through exclusive paid add-ons like Manager AdvancedClips: In-class and Hybrid Learning, and myViewBoard professional development program.

To sign up for an Entity account, visit the link below:

Under I'd like to..., select Sign up as Entity (for schools and organizations) from the drop-down menu.

Accessible add-ons for entities

Manager Advanced

Icon Manager.svg myViewBoard Manager is a tool for Entity Admins to remotely manage multiple installations of ViewSonic devices such as ViewBoard and myViewBoard Box. myViewBoard Manager is complimentary for entities, with additional features available with a Manager Advanced add-on subscription.

Additional features include:

  • Broadcasting images and video
  • Device usage reports
  • Action log (record of Manager user actions)
  • Job scheduler
  • Transfer files
  • Backup with 10 restore points
  • Admin permissions management

Manager Advanced works on a per-device basis. IT admins can purchase the number of Manager Advanced licenses to suit their requirements and assign them to devices in Manager. Each license is for one year - the activation date can be decided by the user. myViewBoard offers 1, 3, 5, and 7 year subscriptions.

  • View total and assigned Manager Advanced licenses under All devices.

Entity IT admins can always experience working with Manager Advanced licenses for a 90-day trial period before making your subscription decision.

To learn more about Manager Advanced license, please see here.

Clips: In-Class Learning and Hybrid Learning

Although Icon Clips.svg myViewBoard Clips has proven its capability of helping all teachers with entity accounts, complimentary options only allow 2 teachers to play Clips videos together. Upgrade your Clips package if you wish to:

  1. Allow more teachers to use Clips simultaneously in your entity.
  2. Get 20 teachers and 600 students benefited from video-assisted learning at home.
  3. Set up a perfect in-class/hybrid learning environment.

In-class learning package allows up to 20 devices to use Clips simulatenously in a physical learning environment. Through videos, Clips allows students to engage in a lesson in the most peculiar way. Thus, for schools with no need for virtual teaching, we recommend a in-class learning package.

Hybrid learning package allows teachers to use Clips for students present in an actual classroom and for students attending the session remotely. In this case, both teachers and students should have the right to play Clips videos simultaneously. Therefore, schools are required to have more Clips licenses.

Clips: In-class Learning or Hybrid Learning packages are available for a 90-day free trial period. So, experience the benefits before making your subscription decision.

To learn more about Clips add-ons, please see here.

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