Why use myViewBoard Visual Learning Platform?

The modern classroom requires a visual learning solution made to bridge physical and virtual learning spaces with a single holistic platform. Teach how you’ve always taught.

Content First

Create engaging lessons from scratch or use myViewBoard Originals to build what you need.

Education Anywhere

Increase student engagement, whether in person, remote, or hybrid learning, with interactive content and activities.

Save and Share

Save your classes and presentations to the cloud for effortless editing, teaching, and sharing of your content.

Teach Your Way

Use myViewBoard Suite with familiar tools like Google Classroom and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Level up collaborative spaces

Modern business requires modern tools. With myViewBoard Suite’s integrated set of presentation and collaboration software, you can work your own way. Only better.

Connected Work

Share presentations and ideas with colleagues whether they’re physically present, or working remotely.

Collaboration 3.0

Get hands-on, real-time collaboration via your interactive display whether you're in the room or not.

Engaging Content

Create engaging presentations ahead of time or build them on the fly with in-app multimedia integration.

Work Your Way

Use myViewBoard on your existing devices and with familiar tools like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

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