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Insights  is an online dashboard that provides advanced metrics of myViewBoard Suite within your organization. Analyze sign-in data and app usage with different views to get a better understanding of how myViewBoard is enhancing your school and its learning outcomes.

The following options are available within Insights:

  • Overview: Gain a big-picture snapshot of total users, user types, software downloads, and sign-ins.
  • Users: View breakdowns user sign-ins, user types, and platform usage.
  • Whiteboard: View usage of myViewBoard Whiteboard across all platform versions.
  • Classroom: View Classroom session data, including total hosts and participants.
  • Other dashboards are Advanced features and require interested entities to contact us.

Access Insights

To access Insights, do so from the Entity Management console:

  1. Sign in to myViewBoard.com (admin account required).
  2. On the landing page, select the Entity Management tile.
  3. On the left-side menu, open Entity Insights.

Entity Insights dashboard access point highlighted within the Entity Management console.

Request access to more Insights

Certain Insights tools (Annual Report, Originals, and Manager) are Advanced and can be made available upon request. If you and your organization would like to make more of Insights data visualization tools, contact us:

  • Go to myViewBoard's Contact page.
    1. Under I'd like to..., select Learn more about Entity Insights for my school.
    2. Fill out the remaining contact details so a ViewSonic representative can reply to you.
    3. (Optional) Make sure to share any special requests or concerns in the Message section.
  • After submitting the form, you will receive an automated email confirming your request has been received.
  • Expect a reply from a ViewSonic representative (located near your region) within 72 hours to confirm application details and further assess how Entity Insights can help your organization.

Need additional help?

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